Being a busy mom is not an excuse to put your spiritual growth on hold. In fact, it should be of utmost importance in the season of motherhood. God’s strength is our lifeline through the busy days and sleepless nights. We need His peace in the chaos . . . to keep us grounded. We need His truth speaking over our lives so we remember that what we’re doing is an amazing calling!

Personal Spiritual Growth

Your personal walk with God needs to be a priority. It may not look the same as when you were young and single, but it can still happen. Let me encourage you to grow in your walk with God and find ways to spend time with Him, even in the trenches of motherhood.

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Bible Study

My prayer is that you will surround yourself with a community that will encourage you and help you in your motherhood walk. I pray you will learn to focus on what God wants and says and not what the world tells you.

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Helping Your Family Grow Spiritually

Satan doesn’t want our family to love God, and he will do what he can to thwart us. However, stay strong and continue to pray for and teach your children.

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Recommended Books, Devotionals, and Studies

There are many amazing resources out there to help you and your family grow in Christ. However, there are also plenty of books that aren’t really biblical. I’ve done my best to offer you some solid resources below.

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