Top 9 Bible Studies for Moms (+ Bonus Recommendations)

There are many great Bible studies out there to help you dig in and learn God’s Word. Many Bible studies are even written specifically for women. However, sometimes it’s helpful to have a Bible study that meets you right where you are in life. That’s why I’ve rounded up some top Bible studies for moms.

As moms, we have unique challenges to deal with, and it’s incredibly helpful and encouraging to get a biblical perspective on these issues. Also, we often bring our own baggage or messed up perspectives into our mothering because we don’t know any better.

Reading biblical truths and insights from a trusted woman can inspire us to rise beyond what we think we know. We can become more of who God intended us to be as moms.

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Bible Study for Moms

I’ve rounded up some great mom Bible study options. Most of these will work to do on your own, but if you can, grab a couple of mom friends to do the study with you. Which Bible study for moms will you jump into first?

1. Walking With God in the Season of Motherhood

Walking With God in the Season of Motherhood by Melissa Kruger focuses on who God is and how that can change who you are, which will in turn change how you interact with and parent your children.

2. Becoming Mom Strong Bible Study.

Becoming Mom Strong Bible Study by Heidi St. John goes with her book by the same name. I’ve heard great things about this book and study, although I haven’t personally done it. I do like Heidi St. John though. Be encouraged to help your children learn God’s truths, stand up for what’s right when culture is going the other way, and help them develop godly character.

3. Missional Motherhood Bible Study

Missional Motherhood Bible Study by Gloria Furman is one I haven’t personally done, but the book itself is amazing! Gloria Furman will inspire you to take the calling of motherhood highly.

4. 12-Week Bible Study for Moms

12-Week Bible Study for Moms: Readings and Reflections to Draw Strength From & Connect with God by Teresa Ann Criswell will help you keep God’s Word at the center of your parenting. Since it takes only about 15 minutes per day to complete, it’s perfect for the busy mom.

5. Knowing the Shepherd: A Names of God Bible Study for Moms

Knowing the Shepherd: A Names of God Bible Study for Moms by  Sandra Bretschneider encourages you to seek guidance from the One who can truly lead you. As you learn about God and His names, you will see how you truly can turn to Him in all the ups and downs of motherhood.

6. Women of the Word

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin isn’t necessarily just for moms, but it’s a fantastic book on how to go about studying the Bible for yourself. I highly recommend it for all women.

7. Mom Set Free

Mom Set Free Bible Study by Jeannie Cunnion is another great option. I love the tagline on this: “Good News for Moms Who are Tired of Trying to be Good Enough.” We often feel like we have to measure up to what we see around us. However, this isn’t the case. We are all unique and just need to focus on what God has called us to be.

8. God’s Wisdom for the Mother’s Heart

God’s Wisdom for the Mother’s Heart by Bobbie Wolgemuth is an older study but is geared toward helping you as a mom. You will dig into Scripture, and there are thought-provoking questions as well. It would also be great for a group study.

9. A Mom After God’s Own Heart

A Mom After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George. I’ve linked the book, but there is also a study guide to go with this. This study will help you parent from a biblical perspective with real-life application.

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Free Bible Study for Moms

I couldn’t find many free Bible studies for moms, but there are some great options to just get into God’s Word with a guided study . . . for free!

Megan Allen Ministries has an amazing Facebook group Bible study going on with free resources and giveaways.

Intentional Bible Studies for Overwhelmed Moms. This is a free monthly study that you can sign up for. These look perfect to encourage and inspire you as a busy and overwhelmed mom.

Love God Greatly studies. These are available as free downloads or you can buy the study. They are not necessarily just for moms, but Christian women in general. They have many books of the Bible studies or by topic. You can also join an online group, which would inspire conversation and accountability. I did one of these many years ago, and it was great!

She Reads Truth Bible reading plans. These are free plans that are not just for moms, but for all women. Most are walking you through a book of the Bible, but there are a few topical studies as well.

What does the Bible say about the role of a mother? To learn more about being a godly mother, check out these 10 characteristics of a good mother according to the Bible.

Mother-Daughter Bible Studies

Sometimes it’s beneficial to take special time with just you and your daughter to learn God’s truths together. If you are looking for a Bible study for mothers and daughters to spur helpful conversations, check out the ones listed below. Who better to lead her than you?

Between Us Girls

Between Us Girls by Trish Donohue is a great devotional for moms to do with their daughters. In fact, it has 26 great conversation-starting devotions to grow your relationship.

One Year Mother-Daughter Devo

One Year Mother-Daughter Devo by Dannah Gresh and Janet Mylin is a great option to do with your daughter. I’m a fan of Dannah Gresh and her message, and I’ve read several of her books. This would be a great tool to keep connected to your daughter as you teach her to follow God and His ways.

5-Day Mother/Daughter Devotional Challenge

5-Day Mother/Daughter Devotional Challenge is perfect for getting your feet wet with having a mother/daughter time with God.

Just Mom and Me Having Tea

Just Mom and Me Having Tea by Mary J. Murray is a fantastic tool for those of you with younger girls (6-9 years). Cherish your time together as you discuss real-life topics that your daughter will deal with.

I know a lot of options can be overwhelming, but I recommend picking a mom Bible study that resonates with where you are right now. If you can, ask a couple of friends to join you. It’s so helpful to get the perspectives of others as you dig into God’s Word.

Have you done a Bible study for moms that you recommend? Which of these are you going to try? Comment below.

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As a mom for 18 years and a mom coach for 2 years, Aimee shares her expertise with young Christian moms via her blog and coaching business.

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