Armor of God for Kids

What armor is the armor of God? What does it do for us? Why should we wear it? These are all questions that kids often ask, and I would love to answer those questions. We’ll cover what armor of God is, how to put on the armor of God, and why you should always be wearing your armor of God no matter where you go. I’ve also included some great resources to help teach the armor of God to kids.

What is the Armor of God?

To be able to tell a child about the armor of God, you need to know what it is yourself. The armor of God is defined as the armor that God places on Christians to protect them from Satan and evil. It’s a metaphor for what we can do with faith in Jesus Christ, which makes us stronger than anything that this world throws at us.

  • The pieces of the armor of God are:
  • The belt of truth, which gives strength to the whole core.
  • The breastplate of righteousness. This protects our vital organs . . . the core of our faith. It also is supported by the belt of truth.
  • Shoes made ready for battle. These shoes help us stand firm when our ground is unsteady.
  • Shield of faith, which is used to extinguish the darts of Satan. This faith is the action of what we believe.
  • Helmet of salvation, which will protect our minds from the lies of Satan.
  • Sword of spirit. This is our only offensive piece, and is the sword of the spirit is the Bible.

Prayer is also included in the armor of God. Putting on the armor of God is like putting on clothes, or armor that protects your body from harm’s way. You can’t just put a breastplate over your head and expect to run into battle with it – you need to strap it on correctly so that it doesn’t fall off, which is why it’s called armor. The same thing goes for the armor of God – you need to put each piece on in order to become truly protected by your faith and strong through Christ.

Why Should I Wear My Armor of God?

When kids ask, “why should we wear our armor?” they’re not just asking why they have to do it – they’re asking why it’s important. The armor of God is important because it protects us from the things that try to harm us in this world, like Satan and evil. It also helps us to do good works in the name of Jesus Christ, which is what we’re called to do as Christians. We should always be wearing our armor of God because we never know when we might need it.

Imagine that you’re walking down the street and someone comes up to you and tries to harm you. If you have your armor on, then you’ll be able to protect yourself from that person and what they’re trying to do. But if you don’t have your armor on, then you’ll be vulnerable to whatever they do to you.

The armor of God is like a shield that protects us from anything that comes our way. It’s important to have it on at all times because we never know when we might need it. As we explain this to a child, they can understand how the armor will help protect them against Satan’s attacks.

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Explaining the Armor of God to a Child

How do you explain the armor of God to a child? It can be a little confusing, but the armor of God is essentially protection for our spiritual selves. It’s a way to protect ourselves from the attacks of the enemy and stay strong in our faith. The armor also works better when we work together as a team.

Why do we need Armor?

The truth is, even children need protection against the attacks of the enemy. Satan doesn’t want them to follow God. He wants to trip them up. That’s why the armor of God is not just for adults. Children need to know its importance and how it can protect them. Try using these Armor of God printable cards to help your children learn each piece.

Putting On Your Armor of God

It can take some time and patience to explain the armor of God to kids, but the armor of God is armor that will protect you from the attacks and tricks of Satan. The armor of God looks like this:

– Truth as a belt around your waist

– Righteousness as breastplate over your chest

– Peace shoes on your feet that represent living with peace and joy even when life gets hard

– Faith as a shield to protect your body and head

– The helmet of salvation to protect your mind

Remember that armor is something we have to actively put on, and then we should not take it off. It’s something we should always be wearing, no matter what we’re doing or where we are. With the armor of God on, you can face anything that comes your way!

As moms, unless we prioritize our relationship with God, it can easily fall by the wayside. Learn more about growing closer to God. As we grow closer to Him, we become a better wife and mother as well.

Armor of God Activity

You may be looking for some armor of God activities and crafts to help solidify the armor in your child’s mind. Here are some armor of God activities for kids that you can try with them to help teach the armor of God:

– Hand out toy armor and swords and have children reenact putting on their armor in a pretend play setting. Ask what they think Jesus meant when he said we need to be wearing our armor all the time, not just in battle. Remind them that armor is not just for battle but also all times of day or night, no matter what they’re doing.

-Draw pictures of their favorite armor of God pieces and hang them up somewhere for all to see.Try some of the following armor of God activities or print out some coloring pages

The armor of God is for kids as well as adults. By learning about it when they are young, children can realize the tools that God has given them to overcome the attacks of the devil. God has given us just what we need to overcome evil.

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