Break the Boredom: 23 Romantic Date Ideas At Home

We all know it’s important to invest in our relationships, especially the one with our spouse, but it’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day busyness and doing the same old same old. I mean, we can find something to do besides watch Netflix. Here are some great ideas to break out of the rut and invest in your marriage relationship…and these are romantic date ideas to do at home!

Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

What can you do for a date night at home? As mothers of young children, it’s not always possible to get away for a date. You may not live near family or have anyone to babysit, or you just may not have enough time to get away for a few hours. Also, paying a babysitter might be out of the budget right now. However, you can still invest in your marriage relationship with these romantic at-home date ideas.

Cheap date night ideas at home

Your at-home date doesn’t need to be difficult to plan for or way over the top. You’re not always going to want to invest time and energy in that. However, it’s still important to spend quality time with your spouse. Below are some great ideas for keeping it simple. These are also cheap date night ideas for at home.

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1. Work on a puzzle

Puzzles can be great for a quiet and relaxing time together. Also, there’s the bonus of plenty of time for some great conversation. Be sure to add in some snacks.

2. Watch a movie or show

Yes, it’s fine sometimes to watch a movie or show together, especially if this is something you both really enjoy. The hard part may be agreeing on what to watch!

3. Read a book together

What type of book is totally up to you! It could be a mystery or a relationship-building book. There are endless options out there!

4. Game night

This could be a regular game night or a video game challenge (Mario Kart anyone?). My husband and I have really been enjoying Monopoly Deal lately. There are some other great two-player game ideas. You could even play a game of “Would you Rather…” or 20 questions.

5. Play a yard game

You could play catch, croquet, horseshoes, or any other yard game you both could enjoy. Yard games are great on a nice summer evening after the kids are in bed.

6. Beverage and chat

Grab a favorite beverage and head outside to your patio to spend some time in conversation. This could be after your children are in bed, but it could be while they are otherwise occupied. Another option could even be an early morning at-home coffee date.

7. Dance

Turn on some music, and just spend some time dancing together. Perhaps instead, you need to learn how to dance. There are video dancing lessons available that you could learn together.

8. Look through old photo albums

Time to reminisce! Grab those old photo albums and remember the good old days. This can bring up lots of great stories and memories.

9. Stargazing

Bring an air mattress or blanket outside and cuddle while talking and watching the stars. If you have a trampoline, that works great as well.

10. Watch a concert or show together

These are available online. You could watch a favorite singer, a comedy act, or a symphony. There are many options. You could even tour a museum!

Home Date ideas involving Food

At home date ideas

There are quite a few date night at home ideas that are centered around food. Some of these ideas are still fairly simple, but others have a bit more planning and cooking involved. Many of the following ideas are great for a romantic date night at home. Which one are you excited about?

11. Takeout

Put your kids down early or settle them in with a movie, and have your husband pick up takeout on his way home from work. Or, maybe he could run and get something while you put the kids to bed. Then, spend the evening enjoying some yummy food and conversation together.

12. Fireplace or candles

You could tie this in with the above idea, or just prepare a drink and snack to enjoy by your fireplace, fire pit, or by candlelight. Be sure to have some great conversations!

13. Ice cream sundaes

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned ice cream date! Pick up your favorite ice cream and toppings and treat yourself. You could just enjoy some nice conversation, or add it to some of the above simple ideas.

14. Tasting party

Have a tasting party with your spouse. For instance, it could be chocolate, ice cream, coffee (probably shouldn’t do this one at night!), cookies, cheese, wine, etc.

15. Picnic

This is another classic. Try either an indoor or outdoor picnic, depending on the weather. An indoor picnic would probably be the most fun in the winter or on a rainy day, but if it’s beautiful, definitely head outdoors. Pack a fun and delicious picnic, spread out a blanket at your location of choice, and enjoy yourselves.

16. Cook together

This could be a simple pan of brownies or a gourmet meal. It all depends on what you like and how experienced in the kitchen you are. You may even want to challenge yourselves to have a cook-off or see what you can come up with based on what you have available. Whatever it is, make sure you enjoy it together afterward.

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Creative date night ideas

Once in a while, you may want to have a themed home date. Some of these are still cheap and yes, involve food, but they are more themed in nature. Give these creative date night ideas a try!

17. DIY “wine and paint” night

These places are all the rage, and so much fun (in my opinion). Although you may not be able to get away to go to one, you can recreate it at home. This will take some planning ahead of time. Plan a favorite beverage and snack, find a Pinterest or YouTube tutorial, gather your supplies, and then find a great time to do it with your spouse.

18. Recreate a favorite

Even though you can’t go out for a date night, you can recreate a favorite place at home. You could re-create a favorite entree or dessert from a restaurant…even set your table nicely. There are tons of copycat recipes online. Maybe you love to go bowling. You could find an at-home bowling game to make or play Wii bowling. Think of something you both love and do it at home.

19. “Travel” the world

Think of a location you have been to or want to go to. Use Google or Pinterest to find foods you could make from that location. Work together to research, plan, and make your food. For a bonus, add dinner music from that location as well.

20. “Hotel” stay.

Turn your bedroom into a nice hotel room. Collect some hotel toiletries, make your bed in a different way, order room service (ie takeout or delivery), and play games or watch movies together. Bonus if you have a large tub and can take a bath together. This would definitely make a romantic date night at home.

21. Learn a new skill

What is something you have always wanted to learn how to do and your spouse is willing to learn along with you? Maybe you could learn to make your own sushi, ballroom dance, decorate cookies, or play guitar. So.Many.Options! Many types of lessons and skills are available on YouTube.

22. Dream together

Find some quiet time together to just dream. I suggest drinks and snacks for this time. For example, you could dream about different goals you have, a dream vacation, retirement, come up with a bucket list, etc.

23. Date night in a box

Yes, it’s really a thing. This is a subscription box, so be sure to check these night-in boxes. They even have a faith option. These at-home date night boxes come with a couple of themed activities, a snack, and even meal and music ideas if you want to go all out. Definitely give it a try!

Date Night at Home

These are fun date night at home ideas to spend some special and quality time with your spouse, even if you can’t get away. Even though you’re not leaving your house, it can be every bit as special of a time together. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Put away your phones. Unless you’re taking pictures or using a point app to keep score for your game, no phones allowed. Keep your focus on one another during this time.
  • Be open to try new things. You might not be excited to try one of these ideas, but your husband is…or vice versa. Be willing to just try it. You may have more fun than you think. Even if you don’t, you’re spending quality time together.
  • Have fun. You may be exhausted from being up often with the baby or taking care of toddlers, and your husband may have had a demanding workweek. However, do your best to put that aside, focus on one another, and have fun together. Make some memories.

So there you have it! Twenty-three at-home date ideas. I would love to hear how you incorporated some of these ideas into your life. Which are you going to try first? Do you have a fun activity you and your spouse already enjoy doing together at home? Please share below so we can get ideas from each other.

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As a mom for 18 years and a mom coach for 2 years, Aimee shares her expertise with young Christian moms via her blog and coaching business.

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