9 Simple Habits to Help You Feel Less Stressed as a Mom

When I was a mom with 3 young children, I definitely felt overwhelmed…sometimes much more than others. It was at that time I learned that I was a person who could not say “yes” to much extra stuff. If I was too busy, my mind would always be on the next thing. I was snappy and impatient with my kids. How do stay-at-home moms cope and not go crazy? Let’s talk about some simple habits to help you feel less stressed as a stay-at-home mom. Your children will thank you!

Feel Less Overwhelmed and Stressed as a Stay at Home Mom

How do I stop being overwhelmed as a mom? While being a mom definitely has its stresses, there are certain things that you can do to decrease that stress. Even simple things can go a long way in helping you feel less exhausted and burned out.

Stop comparing yourself to other moms

I know it’s easier said than done, but seriously, stop! I guarantee everyone has their areas of struggle. Some are just more obvious than others. You are created in a unique and special way. You have your own personality, strengths and weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies. You are amazing!

You can’t be perfect

This sorta goes with the above point, but you will never be perfect. I strongly believe we are each a work in progress and can definitely improve. However, striving for perfection in every area of motherhood just won’t work. You don’t have to have the “Pinterest-perfect” birthday party for your one-year-old. It’s okay if you let some things go in order to focus on what’s more important to you. It’s okay if the toys are on the floor when someone comes over if it means you’ve just been making memories with your children…or handling a tantrum. You will feel less overwhelmed if you don’t try to be perfect at it all.

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Take care of yourself

Trust me. You won’t be able to take care of your family if you don’t take care of yourself. Are you a mom who is always exhausted? You may feel like you don’t have any time for yourself, but this is important. Here are some ideas for stress relief for moms. You will feel less stressed if you take the time to exercise. Also, make sure you are eating enough healthy foods, getting rest when you can, and taking a little time here and there to do something you enjoy. This could be something like sitting with a cup of coffee or tea, reading a book, or working on a craft. Read the Bible and pray. Just taking care of yourself will ease the feeling of overwhelm and stress.

Have basic routines in place

I have talked about routines before, but your whole family will have a sense of peace and calm if they generally know what’s going to happen when. When there’s a change to the normal routine for an extra thing, just give them a head’s up. A basic flow to your day will help everyone…especially you. Oh, and make sure that routine includes a quiet time…for everyone. This will give you time to relax when you’re exhausted.

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Plan ahead

Planning doesn’t need to be super detailed or anything. However, planning out what you have going on each week, your meals, weekly or monthly goals, vacation time, etc. will really help mentally prepare for what’s coming up. You won’t feel so much like you’re winging it all the time, so you will automatically feel less stressed.

Focus on the positives

You heard me. You might not feel like there are many positives when you’re feeling stressed out and exhausted, but I assure you, there are many. As stay-at-home moms, we have so much to be thankful for. Start a gratitude journal. Share a positive from your day during dinner and have everyone else do the same. Focus on what you ARE accomplishing or getting done in a day rather than on what you aren’t. These will help change your whole outlook and reduce stress.

Remember this is only a season

Busy seasons do not last forever…I promise! Soon your oldest will be able to help out more and more…maybe they could even start to help now. As your children become more independent, they learn to do laundry and dishes, dust, and bathrooms. However, cherish the time when they need you so much because it will be over before you know it! Take one day at a time.

Less is more

When you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, remember that less is more. You don’t have to do every activity that comes along. You don’t have to have a playdate for each child or have them each in a lesson or sport of some kind. You can order take-out. You can use dry shampoo for several days (I do it all the time!). If you homeschool your kids, you can take a break…it’s part of the beauty of homeschooling. Cutting down will help you feel less overwhelmed and less exhausted. You will be able to cope with other stresses better.

Prioritize your time

When you are in a busy season of life and feeling overwhelmed, choose what is important to accomplish each day. Try writing down 3 things that must happen and then several other things that you’d like to happen. Spend less time on your phone and more time reconnecting with your children. Let some things that aren’t crucial slide until you’re feeling less overwhelmed.

Success Can Happen

You may not be able to incorporate all these habits at once, but some progress will be better than no progress. Even if it’s slow, success can happen. In time, you will feel less overwhelmed and stressed. You will be less exhausted and more able to enjoy your life and your children.

Which habit will you try first? What are some other things that help you handle stress? Please comment below. Also, I’d love it if you would subscribe to my email list below.

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