Why Simplify? 8 Benefits of Simplicity

You see it everywhere…simplify! Choose what’s really important! Prioritize your life! Get rid of stuff! You’re curious, but what is the point? Why should you even consider such a thing? I’d love to give you some compelling benefits of simplicity in your life.

Life doesn’t have to be chaotic. You don’t have to be running from one thing to another with little downtime. You don’t have to (GASP!) do what it seems like everyone else is doing.

What is Simplicity in Life?

Simplicity is a simple concept, and there’s nothing really complicated about it. It is straightforward, manageable, and effortless. However, trying to add it to life is what we tend to overcomplicate! Seriously though, doesn’t that sound amazing? A manageable and effortless life? A simple life?

Why do you Simplify your Life?

We are all different people and therefore have different reasons to embrace simple living. However, many of us become overwhelmed with all the stuff taking over our homes or being on the go constantly. We’re continuously stressed and wonder if this is how life is meant to be lived. I believe that when our calendar and our stuff overtake our lives, we’re not living the life that God has called us to. We become too distracted to be who we were meant to be.

What are the Benefits of Simplicity?

Since you’re reading this post, I know you’re wondering what the benefits of simple living are. What do we gain by following simplicity? There are some incredible benefits as you’ll see below. Which one has the most pull for you?

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Prioritize relationships

If I asked you what is more important in your life, possessions or relationships, I’m pretty sure you’d say relationships. However, does your life reflect that? Are you taking the time to nurture the relationships with your husband and children? Do they feel cared for and loved? Do you have time to spend with close friends? Time for God? This is one of the most amazing benefits of simplicity.

More time to do what you love

Do you love arts and crafts as I do? What about reading? Exercising? We all have different passions and hobbies. Loving to do something isn’t the same as having TIME to do it. Having time to do what you love is a great benefit of simple living. Yes, your children may keep you very busy while they’re young, but when you live with simplicity, you will have some time while they’re napping or in bed at night to do what you love. Sometimes you can even take them with you, depending on what your hobby is.

Save money with simple living

Why simplify? Saving money is a huge benefit of simplicity. According to US News, 8 in 10 Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Nearly half of Americans can’t cover an emergency $400 bill. As we get rid of things and prioritize, we learn that we really don’t need to buy that cute top just because it’s on sale. We don’t have a driving need to keep up with what our friends are buying. We begin to realize that THINGS don’t matter as much as people, and we buy less of the THINGS. Buying less and being content with less will allow us to save money.

Know where everything is

Please tell me I’m not the only one who needs to grab something, but then I can’t remember where I put it! When we have a home for everything we own and consistently put things there, then we know exactly where our stuff is. Stress to your children that things need to go back where they belong as well. This makes things so much easier, especially when you have less stuff to keep track of!

Peaceful environment

When we minimize our stuff and keep only the things we love or use all the time, our homes begin to look less cluttered and more peaceful. Everything has a home and we consistently put things away, so there isn’t stuff laying around everywhere. Now there will be times when the kids’ toys are scattered about, but those can quickly be picked up because they have a home and you have decluttered them. This is a big reason why I chose to simplify.

Want to learn more about living a simple life? Maybe you want to live more intentionally or find easier ways to do things. Be sure to learn how you can get started today!

Less stress, better health

Another great benefit of simplicity is that you will have less stress in your life. When you have removed commitments that aren’t your priority and gotten rid of stuff that is stressing you out, your mind and body will be able to slow down. You will feel more relaxed–your mind not racing ahead to the next thing. You won’t be near as snappy with your children. Having more time for things you actually love will help decrease your general stress level. Another bonus to less stress is better health!

More content children

As you simplify your life, minimize your possessions, and spend more time with your children, they will become more content. They won’t be overwhelmed with all the stuff everywhere, they will have full love tanks because you have time to be with them, and they will know what to expect when, therefore throwing fewer fits. They will also have more time to just be kids or more time to pursue what they love and are interested in.

Less cleaning

I think this is the number one reason to simplify!! Just kidding! I don’t prefer cleaning though. When you have less clutter, it’s easier and quicker to wipe down or dust surfaces. You don’t have to pick up everything before you clean since it’s already put away. You have fewer pictures and figurines to dust. It doesn’t take nearly as long to have your children clean up their toys. Your cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently.

Ready to Simplify your Life?

Now you have 8 benefits of simplicity. Are you ready to simplify your life? Which reason do YOU find most beneficial? I’d love to hear it! Please comment below.

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  • Aimee Niblack

    As a mom for 18 years and a mom coach for 2 years, Aimee shares her expertise with young Christian moms via her blog and coaching business.

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As a mom for 18 years and a mom coach for 2 years, Aimee shares her expertise with young Christian moms via her blog and coaching business.

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  1. I LOVE the “less cleaning” part!! I really like the idea of simple living. The most difficult part is going from hot mess to simple best. The journey is way easier helping someone else but not when it’s my own stuff. 😉

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