Top Inspirational Christian Books for Moms

I love reading books. I always have. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve chosen to read books that I feel grow me in some way versus just reading fiction . . . even if it was a great historical Christian fiction. While I haven’t read all of these books, I’ve compiled a great list of Christian books for moms. Not all of these are specific to mothers, but some are just excellent books for any parent.

While I believe we should first go to the Bible for truth and answers, we can also learn so much from what others have learned as they have applied the truths of the Bible. As with any time you come across new information, always make sure it agrees with Scripture. Now, let’s dig into these Christian books for moms.

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Best Christian Books for Moms

There are so many books out there. How do you know which ones are worth your time? I’ve compiled a great list for you, some of which I’ve read, and others that I’ve seen recommended over and over. These books all have great reviews and are great books for new moms as well. The following books are written specifically to us as mothers.

1. Brighter

Brighter by Amy Ludwig is a beautiful book filled with even more beautiful truths. According to Amy, in this book you will learn to maintain peace amidst the mayhem, delight in your children, deal with constant interruptions and questions, find meaning in the mundane, persevere through the long days of motherhood, and more!

Picture of Brighter by Amy Ludwig by a bookmark, coffee, and plant

2. M is for Mama

Front cover of M is for Mama

M is for Mama by Abbie Halberstadt is my new favorite book for Christian moms! Abbie writes in a fun, down-to-earth way, but still encourages moms to go against modern mom culture. She gives many practical tips and tricks as well, including her famous Penny Reward System. Be sure to check this one out! It is one of the best books for moms!

3. Risen Motherhood

Risen Motherhood is a fabulous book! Authors Emily and Laura talk about how we bring the gospel into everyday situations as a mother. It’s been quite thought-provoking. It’s also a gorgeous book with beautiful flowered pages and quotes throughout. Each chapter also has some discussion questions at the end. Highly recommend!

4. Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full

Written with short chapters and the busy mom in mind, Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full is centered on the gospel and is full of Scripture. Plan to be encouraged as Gloria Furman helps reorient your vision of motherhood to a biblical model. You will be inspired to pursue a vibrant relationship with Jesus in this book for Christian moms.

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5. Loving the Little Years

As a mother of seven, Rachel, the author of Loving the Little Years, has very practical advice for mothers who are overwhelmed with their young children. Is this you? Written in short sections, it’s easy to read when you have a few minutes here and there. This Christian mom book will help keep you focused on the heart of parenting and on helping your children uproot sinful heart issues. This is a quick read even for older moms as well.

Loving the Little Years book cover

6. Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday

Sometimes we get overwhelmed in the trenches of motherhood. We buy culture’s lie of what motherhood is about and the grumpy mom comes out. Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday is a great book to help restore your joy and intentionality in motherhood. Although I have read the devotional on YouVersion that’s based on this book (and it’s incredibly encouraging), I haven’t read the book…yet.

7. Hands Free Mama

This book is a great reminder to focus on what’s important. It’s so easy today to get distracted by what’s going on on our phones or by what needs to be done yet on our to-do lists (which is also on my phone). Hands Free Mama will guide you to spending less time on the things that aren’t really that important, and more time focusing on your family and relationships around you.

8. Own Your Life

I have loved Sally Clarkson as a “mentor” for years, and this is one of my favorite books. While this book isn’t specifically written to mothers (she has many that are), Own Your Life reminds us to embrace the life that God has called us to. Sally is a warm and encouraging author and reminds us to be intentional in why and how we live our lives. I highly recommend this one.

9. Mama Bear Apologetics

Okay, I was super impressed with this book for Christian moms. It really got me thinking about conversations I need to have with my children and how I can teach them to look for lies they are told in society. Mama Bear Apologetics is a must-read in today’s culture where you are told that truth is whatever you make it to be. This is more geared for those who have school-age kiddos, but it definitely should be on your list.

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Best Christian Parenting Books

The following books aren’t specifically for mothers but are great Christian parenting books to have on your list. They encourage you and give guidance in being the parent God has called you to be.

I wish I had read this book earlier in my parenting journey. If you are going to pick one book to read out of this list, I think this might be a top choice! In Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family, Paul David Tripp reminds us of the overall purpose of parenting and how we need the rescuing grace of God in every area of our parenting. There is no magic formula for raising children, but God has shown us many things by how He deals with us. It’s so powerful!

Voddie Baucham Jr. is a powerful and convicting speaker. In Family Driven Faith, he urges Christian families and churches to return to the truths of the Bible in a culture that is against it. Young people are leaving Christianity at a high rate, and Voddie uses God’s Word to show us how we can parent differently. This is a powerful Christian parenting book and I highly encourage it.

You might think you’re not ready for The Talks yet, but authors Barrett and Jenifer Johnson urge you to set the foundation for purity early, both sexual and emotional. They challenge parents to have conversations with your children early, often, and in more detail than you may have considered. This is a Christian parenting book that you’ll want to reference again and again. I know I will.

To be honest, I got this book thinking it would basically be a re-written version of the original. However, The 5 Love Languages of Children is way more than that! It expresses how speaking or not speaking your child’s love language can affect their behavior and how you discipline. This book is very helpful in parenting your unique child, and in helping you communicate love in a way your child will understand.

Cover image of The 5 Love Languages of Children book

Set Free to Choose Right is a powerful book written to guide you in helping your preteens and teens make right moral choices. He intertwines story with biblical truths to help parents visualize what that looks like in everyday parenting. Josh McDowell’s guidance will help you combat the lie that each person chooses truth for themselves, and that truth is a result of the very character of God.

There you have it! My top recommendations of Christian books for moms, including the best Christian parenting books. Do you have other recommendations that you think should be included? Which book are you excited to read next? Please comment below.

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