Memorial Gifts for Miscarriage or Loss of Baby

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and specifically Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, I thought it would be the perfect time to write a post about memorial gifts for the loss of a baby. You may be looking for a miscarriage memorial gift or a baby loss keepsake. It’s so hard to lose a baby at any stage, but it can be comforting to have a tangible reminder of your baby.

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How do you Memorialize a Lost Baby?

You may be wondering how you memorialize a lost baby. For the record, I believe that any loss after conception is a baby. Everyone reacts to grief differently, so you may not feel the need to do anything, especially if it was a very early miscarriage, and that’s okay. Others will want to do something or several things to honor their lost baby. There is no right or wrong way to memorialize a lost baby but here are several things you could do.

  1. Name your baby. Even if you have a miscarriage and don’t know the gender, you may choose to give your baby a gender-neutral name or nickname.
  2. Plant a tree or garden. Some parents choose to plant a tree, plant, or small garden in honor of their lost baby. Others may simply add a stepping stone or statue to an existing garden.
  3. Buy an ornament, piece of jewelry, or other baby loss keepsake. I will give some ideas of these later in the post, but this is a great way to memorialize your miscarriage or loss of a baby. Having a tangible item can be a part of coping with miscarriage or loss.
  4. Donate to a charitable organization. There are many pregnancy and infant loss organizations that you may want to donate to. If you’re crafty, you may choose to crochet or knit hats or little blankets for a local NICU. I have little crocheted blankets that my twin girls were wrapped in after they died, and I treasure them.
  5. Journal. Journaling through your grief can really help you work through your loss. You can also write letters to your baby in your journal as the years go by. Any journal will work, or you can use a special journal for miscarriage or baby loss. Journaling will help you wrestle with the questions, answers, and blessings that God gives you even as you struggle with grief.

Miscarriage Memorial Gifts

Miscarriage memorial gifts and keepsakes abound, so the task of finding the perfect thing can be daunting. I’ve done some of the legwork to provide you with some ideas of what’s out there, but you may want to look a bit further to find what really strikes a chord with you. I’ve found that Amazon and Etsy have great selections of miscarriage keepsakes. Some of these memorial keepsakes could be used for either miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. Pick what works for you. I fully realize that a miscarriage keepsake will not take the pain away, but they can bring some measure of comfort and closure.

Memorial gifts pinnable image

Miscarriage memorial gifts from Amazon

Amazon really does have a surprising amount of miscarriage memorial gifts and keepsakes. Below are some of the types of things they carry.

This would be a great devotional to help you feel God’s comfort in the midst of the pain of your miscarriage.

A little picture frame would be great to put an ultrasound picture in as a miscarriage memorial. This one has a touching quote on the side.

image of wooden angel figurine

Here is an angel miscarriage memorial figurine that can be personalized on the back to honor your baby. I really love the rustic look of this.

A simple remembrance necklace such as this one is a subtle miscarriage memorial item to treasure.

I love this sweet candle as a way to honor your lost baby. We will never forget our little ones.

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Miscarriage memorial gifts from Etsy

I just LOVE Etsy, and I find it a great place to find items with a personal touch. Etsy also has a huge selection of miscarriage keepsakes and memorial gifts.

A beautiful and touching necklace is a great way to honor your baby. I don’t know about you, but I really love jewelry as a memento.

We truly do hold our babies in our hearts forever. This beautiful infinity ring with an angel wing is a simple but elegant piece of miscarriage memorial jewelry.

This miscarriage memorial bracelet can be customized and is a subtle reminder piece in memory of our baby.

A memorial stone can be a great way to honor your baby. You may or may not choose to have it out in a garden.

How touching is this? If you have an ultrasound picture of your baby, this remembrance picture frame is a great way to memorialize your miscarriage.

Love this simple leather bracelet as a keepsake for a baby lost. It’s touching and perfect.

Miscarriage ornaments

Miscarriage ornaments are great for remembering our baby, especially at Christmas. Which one do you love best?

I just love this quote! This ornament would be perfect for honoring your miscarriage baby, especially at Christmas. Our babies are in the presence of Jesus!

Another great ornament to honor your miscarried baby in heaven.

What a stunning ornament for memorializing your miscarried baby! You will be touched with memories every time you hang it up.

If you have miscarried twins, this is a touching remembrance ornament.

What a sweet and touching quote on this miscarriage remembrance ornament. What a day of rejoicing it will be when we not only meet Jesus but also get to meet our sweet babies!

Baby Loss Keepsake

Ditto on what I mentioned above. Thanks to the internet, we can find stillbirth and infant loss gifts in many locations. Here are some ideas of what’s available from Amazon and Etsy.

Memorial gifts for loss of baby Amazon

Like miscarriage gifts, Amazon has a large selection of baby loss memorial gifts and keepsakes. I’ve tried to give ideas of different types of items they offer. If you’re drawn to a certain type of keepsake, definitely do a search for more of that.

What a great little quote frame this is for those who have experienced stillbirth or infant loss. I’ve used this quote many times over the years.

The Willow Tree Remember Figurine is such a touching keepsake for the loss of a baby or even a miscarriage. The little card that comes with it says  ”Always, I will remember…” I have this one and love it.

This stillbirth or baby loss halo necklace is so sweet and simple. Such a special piece of remembrance jewelry.

A keychain keepsake is a subtle memorial item that you can both have to remember your lost baby.

Etsy baby loss gifts

Etsy has some amazing jewelry if that’s what you’re looking for, but they have many other baby loss keepsakes and memorial items as well. I love how you can personalize so many things on Etsy. You’re sure to find something that is perfect to honor your baby’s memory.

This is a touching memorial stone plaque to honor your baby. I love the personalization of it and the tiny footprints.

I love this necklace from Etsy shop NowThatsPersonal. What a touching baby loss keepsake.

If you lost twins as I have, I think this baby memorial sign is the perfect keepsake to treasure. It’s comforting to picture our babies safe in the hands of Jesus.

I love the little quote on this stillbirth or infant loss necklace. You can put your baby’s name on it along with the birthstone.

Another comforting picture, this digital watercolor print is such a beautiful keepsake to memorialize your baby.

Infant loss or stillbirth is so very hard. This picture frame is a beautiful place to hold a picture of your baby gone too soon.

Baby loss ornaments

These baby loss ornaments may or may not be used as Christmas ornaments. It’s totally up to you. I found these on Etsy, Amazon, and Bronners, which is a fabulous website for Christmas ornaments. We have several ornaments given to us by family and friends, and I treasure them so much. It’s special, sad, and memorable every year as I hang them on the tree.

This rustic ornament will be perfect for your Christmas tree or hanging elsewhere as a touching memorial of your baby.

These adorable wooden heart ornaments with angel wings are adorable personalized with your baby’s name.

How gorgeous is this wire baby loss ornament from HazelCharmShop? Maybe I love it because I’ve been making some wire wrapped stone pendants lately. It’s definitely a unique ornament keepsake.

Bronners has some fabulous ornaments, and I usually buy my baby’s first Christmas ornaments there. This is a great one to personalize with your baby’s name.

Here is a simple but personalized ornament to remember your baby. Our babies definitely make a huge impact on our lives.

My prayer is that you will find strength and comfort in God as you deal with your loss. The loss of a baby is so hard. Please check out my other posts dealing with grief and the loss of a baby at any stage. What other resources would you find helpful?


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As a mom for 18 years and a mom coach for 2 years, Aimee shares her expertise with young Christian moms via her blog and coaching business.

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