6 Heartfelt Prayers for Pregnancy

Whether you’re praying to get pregnant, praying for a current pregnancy, praying about pregnancy complications, or praying for a pregnant friend, I’ve got you! I’ve been in each of these situations at some point during my life. These prayers for pregnancy will be sure to get you started with your own prayers.

Prayer is such an important part of the Christian life. We need to lay all of our burdens on God and not carry them ourselves. Sometimes that’s easier said than done though, right? It can be especially hard when we’re experiencing hardship or a surprise situation. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us, but these pregnancy prayers will be a great start!

Prayers for Pregnancy

I always loved being pregnant! However, after some losses, I realized what a miracle each new life is. Because of that, I want to guide you through some prayers for pregnancy. As I mentioned, these will cover a variety of situations, but I pray these are a blessing and comfort to you as you pursue pregnancy or rejoice in a new baby.

Miracle prayer for pregnancy

Are you praying for the miracle of pregnancy? You’ve been trying to have a baby and it just hasn’t happened yet? While I can’t speak from a place of never having been pregnant, I was open to more children after our last child. In fact, I definitely did plenty of praying for another baby. The past six years have given me a taste of infertility and that miracle prayer for pregnancy.

"Lord, You know my heart's desire to have a baby of my own. Every single month it's devastating when I realize I'm not pregnant yet again. I know that You have a plan for me. Help me to trust in You no matter what, but I also know that You want us to ask for gifts from You. I'm asking for a baby. Please balance what needs to be balanced, and help me to be able to get pregnant and carry a baby. Please give me a miracle! Amen."
Prayers for pregnancy pinnable image of a pregnant woman with hand above and below belly.

Prayer for safe pregnancy

Whether you truly realize it or not, pregnancy is such a precious gift and miracle from God. Those who have lost babies or have had trouble getting pregnant realize this for sure. Each new pregnancy is something to thank God for. This prayer for safe pregnancy will do just that.

"Father God, I am so excited about this new baby! I know what a miracle this new life is.It's one of the greatest gifts! Please keep me and my baby in good health during this pregnancy. Protect us from harm. I ask You to help this baby grow healthy and strong throughout my pregnancy. I know You have created this little life with Your loving hands. Thank You for this incredible gift. In Jesus' Name I ask this, Amen."

Prayer for healthy pregnancy and safe delivery

Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery are common pregnancy prayers, but that doesn’t make them any less important. As already mentioned, pregnancy is such a miracle, so it’s good to be bringing a new pregnancy to the Lord.

"Dear Heavenly Father, I know that not all pregnancies end in a healthy baby, but I'm so excited about the life that You've given me. You alone are the giver of life. I'm asking You for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery for this baby. So many things can go wrong, but I'm trusting in You. Please protect this baby throughout this whole pregnancy and beyond. Give me the peace of mind that only you can give. I give all of my worries to You. In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen."

Prayer for unborn baby and mother in pregnancy

Are you a mother looking for prayer for yourself and your unborn child? If so, this is my prayer for you. Perhaps you’re just looking for a prayer for an unborn baby and its mother. You can certainly use this one to get you started.

"Dear God, today I want to pray for this unborn baby and mother. The gift of children is so exciting, but it can bring out some fears as well. I ask that You will bring peace to this new mama. Help her to fully trust in You with this pregnancy. Grow her even now into the mom You want her to be. I ask that You also give protection to this sweet, growing baby. Guide this baby's development. Please help him or her to grow strong and healthy. Carry them both safely through this pregnancy period and on to a healthy delivery. Thank You for this life. Amen."
My prayer for an unborn baby and mother beside the silhouette of a pregnant woman.

Prayer for pregnancy complications

Any kind of complication during pregnancy is scary, especially if you’ve previously lost a baby. However, God wants you to come to Him with all your worries and fears. You need Him now more than ever! Below is a great prayer prompt to get your started.

"Heavenly Father, I'm pretty scared right now and worried about losing my baby. Help me to trust in You during this time no matter what. Help me to leave my worries to You and not keep carrying them. I know what a miracle a new life in the mother's womb is, but I'm begging You to protect this baby and keep him/her safe. Let the peace of God fill me in this time. I know You are in control and have a plan for me and this baby. You are a trustworthy God, and I submit to You. I know You will be with me every step of the way. Keep me in Your loving care. In the name of Your Son I pray, Amen."

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Prayer for pregnant friend during pregnancy

Having a friend who is pregnant is a great time to celebrate! Friends also need support during pregnancy and beyond, so what better way to support your pregnant friend than to pray for her and her baby? Be sure to support her in this way throughout the whole pregnancy.

"Dear Father, I am so excited for my friend who is now pregnant! What a joy every new life is! Please protect her and this baby's health throughout this pregnancy. Minimize her morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms and help her to be able to take care of herself as she carries this baby. Help me to be supportive as she needs it. Thank You for this new life! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen."

Pregnancy Prayers

Pregnancy is a time of joy and excitement coupled with expectation. However, it can also be a trying time, especially if you don’t feel well, had pregnancy complications, or have previously lost a baby. My prayer is that these prayers will be helpful and comforting to you during this time of your life.

Since I’ve been pregnant many times and experienced healthy pregnancies, miscarriages, and even infant loss, I’ve learned that each baby is a precious gift from God. I’ve learned that each life truly is a miracle. I pray that miracle for you!

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